Seed Trac Cottonseed Storage Condition Monitoring

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Hot spots and fire hazards can arise from deep within your bulk cottonseed.  Seed Trac* removes the guesswork from seed storage by remotely monitoring seed temperature.  Temperature monitoring cables take automatic readings at every level in your seed.  Customizable notifications alert you to hot spots AND their exact location before the damage is done.

Lubbock Electric Co. is the exclusive dealer for the Seed Trac system in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle.  We will work with you to custom design the system to match your seed handling facility.  Contact us today to ask questions and request pricing.

 * Seed Trac is a Grain Trac™ product, powered by AgSense, driven by TSGC, Inc.

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Key Features

► Access Real-time and Historical Temperature Data from a Mobile Device or Computer

The Seed Trac system eliminates the need to make frequent visits to your seed house.  Cotton seed temperature is easily accessible from a secure website and mobile application, which enables you to monitor seed temperatures from anywhere and at anytime.  The system utilizes temperature-reading cables with thermocouples placed at varying heights installed throughout your storage facility.  The cables are connected to enclosed sensor boards and an internet modem to send temperature readings to the web.  Readings are taken every two hours to provide you with timely data.

► Configure Alarms and Text or Email Alerts

Customizable notifications can be set to alert key personnel when cottonseed temperatures exceed certain setpoints.  Multiple names, phone numbers, and email addresses can be entered to receive alerts when a "hot spot" arises.  This helps you take action before any damage is done to your product.

► Program Aeration Fan Schedules and Runtime

If your storage facility utilizes aeration fans to control seed temperatures, you can program fan run schedules and durations from your computer or mobile device.  You can also operate the fans remotely on demand in response to hot spot alert.

► Save Energy and Prevent Loss of Weight Due to Over-aeration

Unless you are monitoring seed temperatures, you are probably running your aeration fans too much.  As a result, the energy costs of your storage operations are much higher than they need to be.  What's more, you could be drying out your product and causing shrinkage due to a loss of moisture and weight.  With Seed Trac, you will only run your fans as needed to keep temperatures at an optimal level.  Seed Trac will help you keep energy costs low and prevent shrinkage.

► See the Exact Location of Hot Spots

If a hot spot arises, the Seed Trac system will identify where it is located exactly.  This allows your team to find it quickly and either start your aeration fans to lower the temperature or dig it out to protect the rest of your product.

Seed Trac Cottonseed Condition Monitoring Cables Graphic

Client Success Stories

"I've been looking for this system for years!  Now that I found it, I love it!"

- James Wages, Humboldt Cotton


"Great technical tool that I use to control my environment from anywhere."

- Brad Williams, Burlison Grain

System Specifications

System Components

  • Enclosed Crop Link with Internet Modem Mounted on Catwalk
  • Vinyl or Nylon Encased Temperature Cables with Thermocouples 5 to 7 Feet Apart
  • Enclosed Sensor Board(s) - 1 per 3 Temperature Cables
  • Relay Output Controls for Remote Fan Start/Stop Feature (Optional)
  • 120V Power Supply Required at Crop Link Site

Sensor Board Enclosure

Seed Trac Sensor Board Enclosure

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