hydraulic pump repair

When you need to get a few more years out of your pumps, we'll bring them back to life.

We can upgrade and extend the life of your hydraulic system.

Lubbock Electric has a dedicated team of highly trained hydraulics specialists.  We can repair or rebuild your pumps to "as good as new" condition.  We understand that you want to maximize the life of your hydraulic power units instead of replacing them.  We'll restore your equipment to excellent working order so that you can hold on to your valued assets.

When the time to upgrade your power unit comes, we'll have solutions for you.  We keep abreast of the latest hydraulics technology and practices.  We'll help you achieve greater effiiciency and volume.


hpu repairOur team specializes in restoring cotton gin pumping units to proper working order.  However, we are capable of repairing hydraulic power units designed for other applications.

Power Unit Repairs

  • Disassembly and Inspection of All Components
  • Reservoir Cleaning and Repairs
  • Welding, Machining, and Custom Fabrication
  • Vane Pump Repair
  • Valve Replacement or Repair
  • Cylinder Repair or Replacement
  • Oil Cooler Replacement
  • Full Test Run

Upgrades and Customization Also Possible

vane pump needing repairWe know rotary vane pumps inside and out, and we keep parts for Parker Denision and Rexroth pumps at the ready.  If you need a replacement or backup pump now, we have both new and rebuilt vane pumps in stock.

Reconditioning or Complete Remanufacturing

  • Single-Stage Vane Pumps
  • Two-Stage Vane Pumps
  • Three-Stage Vane Pumps

Hydraulic CylinderOur primary concern is always minimzing your cost and downtime.  When a repair on your cylinder is the most cost-effective choice, here's how we can help.

Reconditioning or Complete Overhaul

  • Cotton Gin Press Cylinders
  • Small and Midsize Cylinders
  • Trampers
  • Pushers


Need Lubbock Electric to come to you?  Learn more about our field services for hydraulics systems.



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