Quincy Air Compressors

Two compressors may provide the same CFM, but that doesn't mean they are equally suitable for your operations.

Don't rely on simplified buyer's guide.  Talk to the seasoned compressor experts at Lubbock Electric.

Your compressed air system is a valuable asset to your company, and it comprises a significant portion of your operating costs.  Let us help you get it right.  Compressors vary greatly in their design, maintenance needs, efficiency, space requirements, and air drying requirements. 

We will work with you to find the right solution.  We have extensive experience working with industrial compressed air systems and applications.  Our experts can analyze your equipment, operations, and environment to recommend the best compressor and air treatment equipment.

We can provide you with almost any brand, but for industrial plants, we recommend Quincy compressors.  They can withstand the most demanding applications and have the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.  We are the only full-line Quincy distributor in Lubbock, so come to us for your Quincy compressor.

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QSI rotary screw cutawayRotary screw air compressors utilize a pair of interlocking, helical screws to compress air.  This design couples minimal wear-and-tear with high efficiency and reliability.  These workhorse compressors are designed for 24-hour continuous use.  Another important advantage is that they generate less heat, reducing the need for air treatment.

Rotary screw compressors can handle jobs that exceed 30 HP up to 350 HP.  As a result, they can produce much greater CFM ("cubic feet per minute") than reciprocating compressors.  On top of all that, several models of screw compressors are equipped with advanced controls that enable you to maximize efficiency.

Quincy screw compressors include the QGS, QGD, QGDV, QGV, QSI, and QSLP models.  We'll help you understand their different features and make the best selection.

QRNG piston cutawaySingle-stage reciprocating air compressors utilize a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder to compress air.  Two-stage compressors included a second, smaller piston to compress the air further to a pressure of up to 175 PSI.  Reciprocating air compressors are widely used, simple to repair, and have a lower initial investment cost compared to rotary screw compressors.  Another reason for their popular use is their durability in dirty, abusive environments.  However, they are not ideal for 24-hour continuous use.

The air produced by reciprocating air compressors is hotter than air compressed by rotary screw compressors.  This means that air drying equipment is required to protect your compressed air system and pipes.

Quincy reciprocating air compressors range from 1-30 HP and 3-206 CFM.  We can explain the differences between the QR-25, QP, and QT models and help you find the compressor and dryer your operations need.

Natural Gas QRNG 370 1Natural gas compressors increase the pressure of gas by reducing its volume.  They are commonly used in pipelines, natural gas processing plants, and chemical plants.  Quincy offers the GSQ rotary screw gas compressor and the QRNG reciprocating gas compressor specifically designed for natural gas applications.

Quincy Vacuum PumpIndustrial vacuum pumps evacuate gases from an enclosed space and create a vacuum, making them useful in conveying, manufacturing, sanitary, and medical applications.  Quincy vacuum pumps utilize different technologies:  rotary vane pumps, rotary screw pumps, liquid ring pumps, and claw pumps.

Our team will help you determine if your plant needs the Quincy QV, QSV, QSVI, QCV, QLR, or QVMS vacuum pump.

LECO Air DryerAir powered tools need dry, clean air in order to operate efficiently.  However, compressed air is usually hot and moisture-heavy.  This moisture will condense into a liquid and cause damage to your pipes and equipment, in the form of rust, corrosion, freezing, or extra wear.

Installing the right air dryer in your facility will protect your compressed air system and improve operational efficiency.  Unfortunately, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.  Our specialists can help you examine different options:  refrigerated air dryers, deliquescent "single tower" air dryers, and regenerative "twin tower" air dryers.  We'll help you come to the best solution. 

For the cotton gin industry, we have designed a unique single tower air drying system with a "Knockout Pot," instead of the typical cooling fan which is unsuitable in cotton gins.

Compressed Air Pipework 2If you are building a new compressed air system or looking to replace pipes, we strongly recommend investing in aluminum pipes.  Compared to steel or copper pipes, aluminum pipes are lightweight and easy to install, which reduces installation and modification costs.  Aluminum pipe systems don't require threading, and their connections have superior sealing to prevent leaks and drops in air pressure.  Moreover, aluminum is significantly more corrosion-resistant than steel and copper.

We are distributors for AirNet and AirCom aluminum piping.  Installation is simple enough that you can install them yourself.  If you absolutely need it done right, our specialists can assist you in designing and installing your pipe network.  Talk to Lubbock Electric today.

quincy compressor parts fluidWe keep a ready stock of Quincy compressor parts and fluid.  Whether you need filters, separators, gaskets, seals, valves, rods, belts, couplings, bushings, o-rings, rotors, springs, or dessicant, chances are high that we have them.  We service all brands of air compressors, so we also carry a large selection of parts and fluid for other brands.  Let us know what you need, and we'll get it to you quickly.

If you need an economical solution for your next air compressor, Lubbock Electric sells rebuilt reciprocating air compressors. These compressors have been restored to factory quality by our skilled technicians.  Both single-stage and two-stage air compressors are available.  Call us to inquire about the HP and CFM capacities of the compressors currently in stock.


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