electrical preventative maintenance

Motor control design, operations-saving maintenance, lighting retrofits, and timely repairs.  We do it all.

We're the team to call when you need to upgrade production and eliminate downtime.

What does downtime mean for your company?  Do you fall behind schedule?  Do you lose revenue?  Do you lose confidence? 

Lubbock Electric has a highly skilled team of Texas state licensed master and journeyman electricians who are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When your operations are down due to an electrical failure, we'll be there to troubleshoot and get you back to business.


We are experienced in the programming and installation of controls for heavy machinery.  Our team is well-equipped to manage projects of any magnitude.

  • Commercial and Industrial Work Up to 600 Volts
  • Power Distribution
  • Running Circuit for Motors, Controls, Machines, Lighting, etc.
  • Pulling Wire and Ethernet Cable
  • Terminations
  • Grounding
  • Switchgear Installation
  • Square D Controls Programming
  • Circuit Breaker and Relay Installation
  • Machine Installation or Relocation
  • Cable Bus, Cable Tray, and Bus Duct
  • HMI Programming
  • Motor Control Centers
  • AC and DC Drive Installation
  • Process Automation
  • Plant Shutdown Services

electrical repairsMany electricians are trained in pulling wire and installing disconnects, but they might not be qualified to troubleshoot the same equipment.  On the other hand, Lubbock Electric electricians specialize in industrial troubleshooting and repairs.  We can do more than connect wires.  We can build controls from the ground up, from the technical drawing, to PLC programming, to panel construction, and to installation.  We can perform repairs that most electricians can't.

When you have an electrical failure that stops business, call the electrical team that can actually fix the problem when they get there.

LED LightingLighting is a critical investment for your company, and it is an area where making an upgrade will pay for itself quickly.  Making the switch to LED lighting will begin to reduce your plant's energy costs right away. 

Advantages of LED Lighting:

  • Most Cost-Effective Lighting Source
  • Highest Rated Lamp Life
  • No Wait Time for Lights to "Heat Up"
  • Lightweight and Vibration-Resistant
  • Less Heat Generated (Saves Money on Air Conditioning)
  • No Flickering or Humming
  • Very Little Radiation

Our electricians are capable of any kind of lighting installation: high bay, parking lot, oil rig, industrial, commercial, etc.  We can handle new wiring and ballast replacement with ease.  Having our team install your LED lights means that both the products and installation service are guaranteed.

Ask Lubbock Electric to perform an energy-savings and payback analysis for your plant today.

electrical preventative maintenance 1Costly electrical failures can be avoided with routine preventive maintenance.  Potential fire hazards and points of energy loss can also be identified.  We have certified thermographers on staff who can perform thermal surveys of your plant.  Immediate problems can be fixed on-site, and you will be provided with an actionable report to resolve issues before they arise. 

Our preventive maintenance services can be customized to your exact needs:

  • Certified Thermography Inspections
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Hipot and Surge Testing
  • Testing for Ground
  • Testing Connections for Resistence
  • Tightening Connections
  • Examining and Replacing Schneider Electric • Square D Components



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