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Touch screen controls are not the future.  They are the present.

We'll help you unleash the versatility and efficiency of modern HMI technology in your plant.

Your legacy touch screen controls may still be working and you might think to yourself "if it isn't broken, why fix it?"  However, if you are using HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology that is over a decade old, your operations could be suffering losses in productivity and efficiency.

Our automation team can work with you to upgrade your PLC and install the latest in touch screen interface technology.  Our programmers can add new tables, graphs, screens, menus, and features to your existing LECO controls.  We can also redesign your program from the ground up with new hardware.   Ask Lubbock Electric for an evaluation of your current controls.


Advantages of Modern Touch Screens Over Legacy Controls:

  • Higher Processing Speeds
  • Superior Graphical Representation
  • Greater Memory
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Intuitive for the End User


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