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If your company has a critical or costly process, you may need a SCADA system.

Turn to Lubbock Electric for a complete SCADA solution.

A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a computer network that measures, controls, and analyzes an industrial process.  In a SCADA system, controllers communicate with intelligent sensors to collect data which is graphically represented to end-users in real time.  SCADA systems save time and money by eliminating the need for constant human monitoring or frequent site visits because systems can be controlled remotely.  SCADA is crucial for complex processes, such as automating water systems, and it is useful for small applications, such as climate control.

We believe that getting clear, accurate data in real time will help your company improve efficiency, increase safety, mitigate downtime, and process data for smarter decisions.  Our team will design your SCADA architecture, develop the software to your exact needs, install the complete network, and provide commissioning and training.


Lubbock Electric Co. has experience developing SCADA systems for the following industries and applications:


  • Cotton Gins

  • Saltwater Disposal

  • Wine Press

  • Acid Plant
  • Municipal Water Systems

  • Wastewater Systems

  • Fertilizer Plant



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