We are not a utility company, and we don’t just sell electric motors. Lubbock Electric Company is a team of electric motor experts, compressor specialists, hydraulic pros, electricians, automation programmers, and panel builders.  We apply this unique synergy of expertise to solve some of the toughest challenges in West Texas.  Our mission is to keep industry running and prevent machine downtime.


Our History

LECO founder Paul Bush looking at a large electric motorFounded in 1944 by Paul Bush, Lubbock Electric Company (LECO) opened its doors in a rented building in downtown Lubbock. In the beginning, the company consisted of one service truck and five employees, offering electric motor repair and field trouble-shooting of industrial motor and control systems. Being a service oriented company and responding to the needs of a growing customer base, LECO soon added product lines and additional services. By the early 1980s, LECO had accumulated more than 50 distributorships and had evolved into six distinct service departments.

Six decades later, LECO occupies more than 100,000 square feet of office, warehouse and shop space. Seventy-five diversely talented employees operating more than 40 service vehicles work to service an industrial clientele with the highest quality products from the industrial sector’s finest manufacturers. This is not your father’s Lubbock Electric Company! “Customer demographics have changed drastically, through the years, and industrial control systems have improved dramatically, but our philosophy has remained the same,” explains Steve Moffett, president of LECO. “Lubbock Electric Company’s main business is providing solutions for our customer’s problems.”

Today, LECO’s primary business continues to be the sale and service of electric motors, air compressors, programmable controls, variable frequency drives, gear reducers, and power transmission equipment. Service departments include electric motor rewinding, cotton gin hydraulics, electrical control panel fabrication, and systems integration.

Electric motors are key components in most industrial plants and equipment and account for two-thirds of all electrical energy used by industrial/commercial applications. New technology makes the use of electric motors more efficient and safer than ever before, and the level of control possible with electric motors today would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Whether in the field of process control, automation or data acquisition, LECO can provide timely, cost-effective solutions. “Precise machine control is a matter of safety as much as anything, but precision control equates to more productivity and more energy efficiency for the operator,” says Steve. “The widespread use of the personal computer and the proliferation of programmable controls have greatly affected the world of motors and controls. We’ve responded by devoting major time and energy to stay abreast of rapidly changing technologies in industrial control systems."

Lubbock Electric Company is a proud corporate citizen of Lubbock and looks forward to many more decades of service to local, national, and international clients. LECO proudly supports the Bayer Museum of Agriculture and is dedicated to enriching the community by supporting good works.