lec-onehundred-oneLEC-100 Electronic Seed Scales

  • Accurate weights
  • Compact size
  • Rugged construction
  • High capacity
  • Touch screen control
  • P.C connectivity

We all know that seed weights vary widely between varieties of seed. The only way to protect your bottom line and be fair to your customers is to weigh your seed. With over 100 installations throughout the cotton belt, the LEC-100 is the product that can accurately take care of your needs.

The LEC-100 is compact and can be mounted in a minimum of space. An NTEP approved scale head with electronic load cells delivers accurate weights in the demanding environment of today's gin. The touch screen operator display can be remotely mounted, and it has been designed for serial connectivity with most personal computer software. The upper and lower hoppers have air cylinder operated ‘clamshell’ style doors that dump cleanly and have maximum clearance above the seed plug or vacuum. The scale is rectangular and open at the bottom or can be furnished with an optional transition to a standard seed plug. The housing is heavy gauge steel and all moving parts are 1/4” steel for long life.

During normal operation, seed is weighed in the bottom hopper. A changeable set point tells the top hopper to close, which blocks off the incoming flow momentarily. The PLC reads the weight, then opens the bottom hopper to dump the seed. The bottom hopper closes and re-zeros the scale head. The top hopper reopens to start a new batch. When the press turns, the remaining seed is weighed to complete the total for that bale.
The operator touch screen and control contains numerous other functional features. The last twelve bales remain in view, and a preset value can turn on a warning light to alert the ginner that it is almost time to cut a bale. The hopper doors can be opened from the touch screen to permit continuous ginning should the seed scales malfunction. Separate adjustments are available through a password-protected screen for regular operation versus seed catches.

LEC-100 Operator Touch Screen

  • The operator touch screen allows the user to have complete control of the scales.
  • The current seed weight (as well as the previous twelve weights), is prominently displayed.
  • The hopper set point is user-adjustable to fit the capacity of the gin as well as the capacity of the seed blower and seed plug.
  • The alert set point is user-adjustable and warns that the next bale is almost ready.
  • When the seed catch button is pressed twice, the button flashes and the cumulative weight is displayed until the seed catch is turned off.
  • When accessed, the utility screen allows the user to manually operate the doors, change any of the set points, adjust the seed values, adjust the seed catch values, change the time, or turn the automatic reset off.

We can also furnish complete seed lifts with drives to elevate the seed from the seed conveyor up and into the scale.
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