LECO's MasterflowPlus Gin Stand Control
The Masterflow Plus Gin Stand Control first appeared in the mid-nineties, but has been revised and upgraded to today’s state-of-the-art digital touch screen controller.

The Square D Momentum PLC incorporates a true, digital loop control algorithm. The control is designed to take full advantage of the preciseness of today’s digital AC variable frequency drives (VFD’s). The loop control increases or decreases the speed of the feeder rollers to keep the load on the main drive motor constant. To simplify operator control, a graphical touch screen interface guides the ginner through all the features of this new control.

The most important new feature is the ability of this control to communicate to larger PLC control systems. Remote monitoring and control can now be accomplished over Ethernet via the Internet.

The MasterflowPlus is powered by the Square D Momentum PLC

Get all the features of our standard design:masterflowplus-one

  • Automatic Load Sensing
  • Automatic Feeder Speed Control
  • Automatic Breast operation
  • Overload Protection, Fire Protection
  • Proven Reliabitity and Quality



  • True Digital Loop Control
  • VFD Feeder Control
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Lint Cleaner/ Battery Condensor Connectivity
  • Remote Dial-in Capability via the Internet

Also Available: Lint Cleaner and Battery Condensor VFD Control


Among the MasterflowPlus features are automatic modes of controlling the feed, automatic load monitoring, automatic gin breast operation, automatic overload sensing for motor protection---all controlled by an easy-to-read touch screen display. The unit incorporates a digital VFD to precisely vary the speed of the feed rollers. Of course, the unit may also be operated in 'Manual'.

In 'Automatic' the controller maintains a constant load on the main drive motor by automatically increasing or decreasing the speed of the feeder motor. A limit switch senses the presence of cotton in the hopper below the distributor conveyor to bring the gin breast in. The overload protection feature automatically kicks the breast out in the event of motor overload, thereby stopping the flow of incoming seed cotton. In the 'Manual' mode, the feeder speed and gin breast operation are solely dependent on the speed indicated on the operator touch screen.

The MasterflowPlus can also regulate the speed of lint cleaners behind the stands by sending a signal to their variable frequency controls. With the MasterLink option, all gin stands can be connected together to regulate the variable frequency control on the battery condensor.
Since the brain of the control is the Square D Momentum PLC, the unit can be simultaneously controlled with a remote touch screen or even configured for remote trouble-shooting by LECO personnel via the Internet.

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