MasterFlow Gin Stand Control

  • Automatic Load Sensingmasterflow-one
  • Feder Sped Control
  • BreastOperation
  • Overload Protection, Fire Protection
  • Proven Reiability and Quality
  • Compact Size, Easy to Use
  • Easy to Instal

The LECO Masterflow gin stand controller has been the standardfor automatic gin stand controllers since 1973. Although newertechnology has been incorporated into the basic design, the resultis the same field-proven saw-load control that has been retrofittedinto more existing gins than any other. The control is designedwith the minimum amount of components for trouble-shootingease and simplicity. Among its features are manual and automaticmodes of controlling the feed, load monitoring, basic gin breastoperation, overload sensing for motor protection, easy-to-readdigital displays, and logical illuminated pushbutton indications.

In the “Automatic” mode the Masterflow controller maintains aconstant current on the main drive motor by automaticallyincreasing or decreasing the speed of the feeder motor. Presenceof cotton in the hopper below the distributor conveyor brings thegin breast in. The overload protection feature automatically kicksthe breast out in the event of motor overload, thereby stopping theflow of incoming seed cotton. In the “Manual” mode, the feederspeed and gin breast operation are solely dependent onpushbuttons and the speed potentiometer knob. Initial setup andsubsequent adjustments are user friendly and programmable fromthe face of the control.

The Masterflow control also has as a standard feature an on-boardchip that can be used to regulate the lint cleaners by sending asignal to their variable frequency controls. With the MasterLinkoption, all gin stands can be connected together to regulate thevariable frequency control on the battery condensor.

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