LECO Tramper

  • Rugged construction
  • High capacity
  • PLC control w/Touch Screen
  • Rugged pumping units w/Denison pumps & Baldor motors
  • Rexroth Logic Blocks
  • UHMW Guides for both Tramper and Pusher

Lubbock Electric Company has been in the business of designing hydraulic power units and state-of-the-art control systems since the '60s.
It seemed only logical to take the next step and try to improve on the current designs of both trampers and pushers.

The operation is a continuous coordination between the pusher feeding the charge box and the tramper as it makes a compression stroke.


LECO Pusher

  • The operator touch screen allows the user to have complete control of the scales.
  • The current seed weight, as well as the previous twelve weights, are prominently displayed.
  • The hopper setpoint is user-adjustable to fit the capacity of the gin as well as the capacity of the seed blower and seed plug.
  • The alert setpoint is user-adjustable and warns that the next bale is almost ready.
  • When the seed catch button is pressed twice, the button flashes and the cumulative weight is displayed until the seed catch is turned off.
  • When accessed, the utility screen allows the user to manually operate the doors, change any of the setpoints, adjust the seed values, adjust the seed catch values, change the time, or turn the automatic reset off.

We can also furnish complete seed lifts with drives to elevate the seed from the seed conveyor up and into the scale.
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