Check out our new flooded suction press pumps

smartflow-pumping-unit-oneBuilding on our experience and reputation for simple design and rugged construction, we re-thought everything in the design of our newest line of flooded-suction press pumps.

We have been building hydraulic pumping systems for the cotton ginning industry since the early ‘60’s. During that time we have manufactured and private-labeled pumping units for several different gin companies and retrofitted press pumps for all makes of presses. Our newest line, the SmartFlow™ series, features Denison three-stage vane pumps with all the valves mounted in a block manifold (logic block).

After we build your unit, we can make the electrical changes to the console and wire it in. The most important consideration, though, is the peace of mind that comes from knowing Lubbock Electric has all pumps, couplings, motors, parts, etc. in stock with qualified service technicians available around the clock during gin season.

NEW FEATURES – SmartFlow™ Pumps from LECO

  • smartflow-pumping-unit-twoFlooded suction – pumps never lose prime.
  • Three stage vane pumps for low cost and rugged reliability.
  • Central ‘logic block’ for ease of piping and trouble-shooting.
  • Suction valves with vibration dampeners at tank provide means to remove pump or motor while unit can run on the remaining pumps.
  • Check valves between pumps and logic block facilitate isolation and pump replacement.
  • Interchangeable hoses for each vane pump stage.
  • Long radius elbows enhance flow, create less turbulence and heat.
  • Sixteen hundred gallon reservoirs (or larger) with SmartFlow™ engineered baffling and top-mounted access doors.
  • Pumps, couplings, motors, etc. are interchangeable with the existing installed base of pumping units, such as those built by Lummus, Cherokee, & Womack.
  • Custom modifications are available for higher pressures, limited space availability, or other special requirements.
  • The basic unit can be built with only two pumps, with provisions for easy future retrofits.
  • The reservoir is built as a separate unit from the base with the motors and pumps to facilitate handling.


  • Totally enclosed, fan cooled 125HP motors
  • Denison T6EDCS three-stage vane pumps rated at 233 GPM with a maximum pressure rating of 4100PSI
    •  Two-pump units deliver 466 GPM
    •  Three-pump units are rated at 699 GPM
    •  Four-pump units are rated at 932 GPM
  • Sixteen hundred gallon reservoirs or larger are designed to settle out any contaminants, while dissipating heat.
  • Total weight: 15,500 lb. (Three pump unit), 19,500 lb. – Four pump unit.

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