oil well pump motor 12All motors meet NEMA dimensions and meet or exceed NEMA Design D performance standards. All motors come standard with Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled(TEFC)enclosure for added protection against harsh environment, rodents and reptiles. All motors have Class F (155 degree C.) insulation, with a Class B (80 degree C.) temperature rise. Motors with Class H (180 degree C.) insulation are available upon request.

Only high quality polyester coverd copper winding wire is used in conjunction with inorganic high pressure polyester vanish. The stators of all motors are vanished using "Vacuum Pressure Impregnation" (VPI) process for superior protection.
All Oil Well Pump Motors come with Thermisters in the windings as standard.
Top quality materials for premium performance.

  • High grade silicone ectrical steel
  • Generous high quality copper windings

Rugged cast iron construction handles shock loads, corrosive environment and improves heat dissapation for cooler operation.

Starting and breakdown torques exceed NEMA standards for NEMA Design D.
Largest bearings in the industry with the same bearing size on both ends of the moror. Frames 143T up to 215T utilize sealed bearings, frames 254T and above offer regreasable bearings.
Frames 254T and above are fitted with mechanical "V" seals as standard.

All cast iron parts are cleaned and etch primed (polyvinyl butyaral and epoxy) to 25 microns or more before machining. Final top coat paint is an air drying enamel based on epoxy polymer resins to 25 microns or more. This is suitable for most aggressive invironments.

All North American Electric products comes with a Two Year Factory Warranty.

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