danfoss-logopmc-logomci-logoThe most advanced well automation and power management controls system is designed specifically for oilfield, and outperforming all existing artificial lift control systems. SALT incorporates patented algorithms and built-in pump-off control into a Sensorless Vector Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). SALT simplifies well automation and is the ONLY controller capable of running ALL types of artificial lift pumping systems, as well as surface pumps and compressors.



Ease of Use:

  • Getting started in 15 minutes!
  • Built-in functionality and highly advanced remote monitoring and control
  • Basic information and control components are displayed prominently on the front of the unit, providing instant access to system status

Minimize Energy Consumption:

  • Changing the speed of the pumping unit by slowing dues to pump off or stop it
  • Increase the speed after pump off
  • Fast up/down stroke
  • Slowing the transition/peak loadingsaltfrontpanel
  • Prevent vapor lock
  • Up to 20% saving in overall energy consumption
  • Up to 50% saving in peak demand charges

Reduced Mechanical Failures:

  • Reduces rod overloading and compression
  • Slowing down the speed to reduces potential for solids to cause a stuck pump
  • Reduces the rod stress and prolonging pump and motor life
  • Eliminate water buildup

Increase Production:

  • SALT automatically adjusts speed to match the variable fluids volumes cause by:
    • Changes din reservoir level
    • Shutdown of adjacent wells
    • Artificial stimulation methods such as water floods
    • Pump wear
  • Up to 226% increase in oil production
  • SALT eliminates shutdowns and the resulting periods of well recovery and pump-down. Maintaining consistent fluid production results in optimal from the reservoir into the well, maximizing its production capacity. 

Lower Equipment Cost:

  • Installing is less than ¼ of time required for traditional pump-off controllers.
  • Eliminates the need for bottom-hole pressures and their related costs and maintenance requirements.
  • Another substantial benefit for progressive cavity installation is SALT’s DC-injection braking feature, which holds the motor after a stop by applying DC voltage to it. This eliminates the need for a mechanical brake to minimize rod backspin.  


  • NEMA Type 4 Enclosure
  • Back-Channel Cooling
  • Heat Guard Powder Coat Finish
  • UL/cUL Listed Optional CE Listing
  • Main Disconnect Switch
  • Convenient Hoist Attachment Mount
  • Surge Arrestor
  • Temperature Rating 32 Deg F to 50 Deg F
  • Operator Interface Sun & Dust Guard
  • Optional Cold Weather Kit
  • Optional Cellular Remote Monitoring
  • Optional Portable Rack
    • Heater 200W w/Thermostat
    • Aux 110 Vac 2 Amp Outlet

Control Panel and Display:
Multiple Levels of Control:

An onboard HELP program and an intuitive menu structure provide graphical information and access to all parameter settings.

LED indicators provide basic status information and dedicated buttons enable one-touch access to commonly used function.

Quickly Menus:

  • Provides access to commonly used parameters
  • Personal Menu for quick access
  • Changes Made Menu allows to see and track changes
  • Logging Menu provides graphical view of display parameters

PC software:

  • Built-in USB port!
  • The Windows-based interface provides extensive access for both commissioning and servicing.    

Remote Communication:
SALT includes as standard the Modbus RTU protocol, which allows wired and wireless access through the PMC iCM or any other system to configure, monitor and control from remote locations.

Controls by Lubbock Electric:

  • SALT Well Automation and Control
  • Engineered to improve performance and profitability
  • Easy to install and simple to operate; Designed with the user in mind
  • Energy efficient and Environmentally Friendly
  • Sustainable operation through enhanced life cycle programs

Up to 6YEAR Warrantysaltbackpanel

  • Covering travel cost to the customer site.
  • Coverage of accidental damage after installation:
    • Momentary line or load anomalies such as lightning strikes
    • Accidental collision after installation.
    • Temporary exposure to moisture or corrosives.
  • Danfoss reserves the right to deny coverage for failures due to product vandalism, miss-application, shipping or installation damage, chronic destructive site conditions or site catastrophes such as floods or fires.

Coverage begins on the date of shipment and extends to the end of the contract.





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