Motor & Generator Repair

motor-rewindLubbock Electric offers complete rewinding and repair of AC, DC, three phase and single phase electric motors. From temperature-controlled burn-out of old windings through V.P.I. varnish treatment and baking, LECO adheres strictly to EASA standards. Redesign to change horsepower, speed, or voltage is offered in-house. Core-testing, surge testing, machine shop services, and dynamic balancing are standard procedures.

Pump Rebuild & Repair

pumpLubbock Electric repairs/rebuilds all makes & models of pumps. A few of the many models of pumps that LECO repairs are, centrifugal, positive displacement, vertical turbine, submersible, split case-multistage, saltwater pumps and process pumps. Lubbock Electric also offers pump controls, field service, gearbox repair, vibration analysis, complete pump package solutions and is available 24hours.

In House Machine Shop

machine-shopLubbock Electric has a full size machine shop which allows your shop needs to be completed quickly and under one roof. LECO has highly trained machinists that are experts in precision machining, dynamic balancing, welding, adaptations, pump repair, and Babbitt bearing repairs. LECO’s machine shop is known by its customers for service, speed and quality.

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