saltwaterdisposalSaltwater Disposal facilities are a necessity in the Oil Industry and the last thing a company needs are trucks backing up waiting to dump their loads. LECO makes a fast and easy way to keep the trucks moving without any of the stress caused by trucks dumping the wrong load in the wrong line. LECO's SWD (saltwater disposal unit) can be customized to meet any locations needs and everything operated from a centralized touchscreen that operates all the lines and is a data collection center.

LECO's base package can operate 5 lines and requires all information (Account #, Driver #, Line, Barrels, Etc.) to be manually entered on a touchscreen. LECO has available options of RFID card reader that reads cards with stored information on it. This decreases the amount of time it takes to enter information and the faster the trucks can enter and leave. Another option is operating more than 5 lines, which required additional hardware inside the enclosure. We also can provide a radio inside the panel which will enable remote access to the PLC to see accounts, drivers, and adjust if necessary. LECO has installed these units in the field and have had great success with them. These panels can also will be U.L. rated on request.


  • 5line Operation (base package)
  • RFID Card Reader (optional)
  • PLC has built-in Web Access for Customer Ability to Edit Accounts via web.
  • Simple layout and easy to use.
  • U.L Rated
  • Safety Features built for "Catch Pots" and "Bad Product"
  • Printer inside panel for documentation
  • Radio Communication (optional)
  • 110V power source
  • Built in Alarms
  • Sealed and locked NEMA enclosure
  • Panels constructed using U.L rated Squre D components

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