irrigationLubbock Electric has solutions to meet all irrigation electrical needs. Lubbock Electric is constantly striving to provide reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable solutions. Electric motors cost considerably less to operate than engines and can run years without maintenance, while engines require high priced fossil fuels, lubrication, and regular maintenance.

Lubbock Electric's VHS motors are rated for inverter duty, with heavy thrust bearings, space heaters and thermal protection standard in every size. All motors come standard with a two-year warranty. In addition to standard across-the-line pump panels, LECO stocks the newest variable frequency drives and soft starts. A soft start will slowly ramps up the voltage, reducing the load and torque on a pump system during startup. This reduces the mechanical stress on a motor and pump, extending the lifespan of the system as well as reducing the starting current on the power lines. A LECO Variable Frequency Drive can provide soft-starting on your well and will save energy and money by reducing the motor RPM and the resultant flow and pressure. If only single phase power is available LECO’s new generation VFD’s can convert single-phase into three-phase electric power up to 250 horsepower. These units can be supplied with an unconditional six-year warranty---which even covers lightning storms.


Irrigation Motors

  • NAE Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors
  • NAE Close Coupled Pump Motors
  • NAE Premium Efficient Motors

Pumping Panels

  • Schneider Electric / Square D
  • MCI / Danfoss
  • WWE / Siemens
  • Benshaw

Single-phase to Three-phase Converters

  • VFD Phase Converters
  • Ronk Electrical Industries

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

  • Schneider Electric / Square D
  • MCI / Danfoss
  • WWE / Siemens
  • Benshaw

Solid State Soft Starters

  • Schneider Electric / Square D
  • MCI / Danfoss
  • WWE / Motortronics
  • Benshaw

Safety Switches

  • Schneider Electric / Square D

Industrial Air Compressors

  • Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • Reciprocating Air Compressors
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Air Treatment


Video Electric Motor and Conrols for Irrigation

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