Burners & Controls
The simple solution---powerful, cost-effective burners with state-of the-art modulating controls from Lubbock Electric Co.

Don't throw out your entire system when all you need is a burner or two. Lubbock Electric's beruners are available in 4 million, 8 million, or even 12million BTU configuarations. The rectangualar burner barrells are appropriately sized for the air flow and the control cabinet consists of standard compnents from the leading manufactures in the flame safety and gas control intudstry. Ginner controls can be funished in a wall mount encloseure or custom mounted in the gin's existing console

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Seed Lift

The Lubbock Electric Seed Lift is a universal design in that both the discharge and inlet transitions can be rotated in any direction and the inlet can be field-changed to either side.

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Gin Supplies Store

Lubbock Electric has designed a new online store for cotton ginners across the country.  Here, ginners can find gin brush sticks, gin saws, gin ribs, channel saws, flashing, sheaves, bushings, bearings, and belts all in one place.

This store can change the way you order replacement parts for your gin.

  • Buy supplies whenever you want
  • Find quality parts not available in your region
  • Order from a mobile device anywhere, even from inside your gin
  • Get upfront prices on every item
  • Order confidently from a trusted supplier

Visit the "Gineral" Store


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