Press Rams / Cylinders

Lubbock Electric Co., in conjunction with Hydraulic Services and Supply of Ashland, Kentucky, will be providing repair or replacement for most of the popular gin press rams. All units will be reworked to mill specs and the sixteen inch (or larger) rams come with a two-year pro-rated warranty.* Units will be sold on an exchange basis during gin season.

Rams currently in stock

  • Lummus 16” Gin DorLes – Double Top Ports @180°
  • Lummus 16” EE – Double Bottom V-Ports @75°
  • Lummus 14” Lift Box (8-3/8” Rod)
  • Lummus 18” Premier – Double Bottom Ports @180°
  • Lummus 14” Gin DorLes – Single Top Port
  • Lummus 14” EE – Single Bottom Port
  • Lummus 10” Top Ram (Fits all Lummus)
  • Continental 12” BesPress (8-1/2” Rod)
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LECO's Smartflow Press Pump

NEW FEATURES – SmartFlow™ Pumps from LECO

Flooded suction – pumps never lose prime.

  • Three stage vane pumps for low cost and rugged reliability.
  • Central ‘logic block’ for ease of piping and trouble-shooting.
  • Suction valves with vibration dampeners at tank provide means to remove pump or motor while unit can run on the remaining pumps.
  • Check valves between pumps and logic block facilitate isolation and pump replacement.
  • Interchangeable hoses for each vane pump stage.
  • Long radius elbows enhance flow, create less turbulence and heat.
  • Sixteen hundred gallon reservoirs (or larger) with SmartFlow™ engineered baffling and top-mounted access doors.
  • Pumps, couplings, motors, etc. are interchangeable with the existing installed base of pumping units, such as those built by Lummus, Cherokee, & Womack.
  • Custom modifications are available for higher pressures, limited space availability, or other special requirements.
  • The basic unit can be built with only two pumps, with provisions for easy future retrofits.
  • The reservoir is built as a separate unit from the base with the motors and pumps to facilitate handling.
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LECO Tramper

  • Rugged construction
  • High capacity
  • PLC control w/Touch Screen
  • Rugged pumping units w/Denison pumps & Baldor motors
  • Rexroth Logic Blocks
  • UHMW Guides for both Tramper and Pusher
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LECO Pusher

  • The operator touch screen allows the user to have complete control of the scales.
  • The current seed weight, as well as the previous twelve weights, are prominently displayed.
  • The hopper setpoint is user-adjustable to fit the capacity of the gin as well as the capacity of the seed blower and seed plug.
  • The alert setpoint is user-adjustable and warns that the next bale is almost ready.
  • When the seed catch button is pressed twice, the button flashes and the cumulative weight is displayed until the seed catch is turned off.
  • When accessed, the utility screen allows the user to manually operate the doors, change any of the setpoints, adjust the seed values, adjust the seed catch values, change the time, or turn the automatic reset off.
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