PLC Master Consoles

  • Get state-of-the-art control over your gin
  • Consolidate all of your existing controls in one logically arranged location
  • Protect your employees with the safety features of the master control buttons
  • Add touch screen diagnostics for quick trouble-shooting
  • Add interlocking to minimize choke-ups
  • Add shaft-monitoring at out-of-sight locations
  • Add current monitoring for motor overload conditions
  • Enjoy the benefits of sequential starting and stopping
  • Get rid of the massive bundle of control wiring running under the floor
  • Have remote support available with the included dial-up modem


If your gin’s electrical system needs updating, a new console with a programmablelogic controller is a natural first step in the process.

At Lubbock Electric Company, we have been building motor starting consoles sincethe fifties, and we have been using programmable controllers in consoles since theearly eighties. In the last few years our consoles have evolved into a functional,easy-to-use, safe method of controlling your entire gin plant.

The hardware consists of the main console complete with new pushbuttons, alarmlights, and a diagnostic touch screen / message center. We also incorporate yourexisting burner controls, moisture controls, module feeder controls, feed controlspeed pots, auto overflow speed pots, wye valve selector switches, remote seedindicators, or any other devices your ginner is currently using to operate the gin.

In addition to the main console, we furnish a free-standing remote cabinet containinga remote PLC interface that connects to the main console with one communicationcable! Large conduits full of control wires that connect the console back to themotor controls are no longer needed!

The console consolidates all existing controls in one convenient location, and allowsfor automatic sequential starting and stopping of all motors. An alarm conditionsuch as a motor trip or a shaft monitor problem turns on a light on the alarm lightstack and a corresponding message pops up on the touch screen diagnostic panel. Ifa motor trips out, its pushbutton on the console flashes for quick recognition of theproblem.

The entire system is designed to facilitate an easy addition of a motor control centerat some future date.

At Lubbock Electric Co. controls are a major portion of our business, and no one has more experience at retrofitting new technology to older gin plants. Let us help you design a long-range plan to bring your existing plant into the Twenty-first century in small, affordable steps.

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