irrigationLubbock Electric has solutions to meet all irrigation electrical needs. Lubbock Electric is constantly striving to provide reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable solutions. Electric motors cost considerably less to operate than engines and can run years without maintenance, while engines require high priced fossil fuels, lubrication, and regular maintenance.

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Cotton Ginning

cotton-fieldLECO built its company and reputation in the cotton ginning industry. LECO has been servicing gins since 1944 and has always been someone that gins can depend on. Over the years LECO has been expanding its business to other areas but it has not forgotten how it got here and always makes a sacrifice to this industry. During ginning season it keeps its doors

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Wind Energy

wind-turbineFor the wind energy industry Lubbock Electric maintains a wide range of spare generators in various sizes and brands, to eliminate unnecessary capital investment on your part. With LECO’s service center and strategically located warehouse, Lubbock Electric can exchange and remanufacture failed units quickly and cost-effectively, to minimize downtime and

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Municipal Water Systems

waste-waterLarge power systems are required to for the municipal  water systems industry. Complex chemical processes are necessary for the cleaning and disposal process of a sewage treatment plant. Lubbock Electric’s engineers provide the complete planning and execution of the electrical systems in the areas of water, wastewater and saltwater disposal facilities.

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Oil & Gas

pumpjackLubbock Electric has always been a part of the Oil & Gas Industry in West Texas by furnishing the oilfield with electric motors, generators, controls, power transmission equipment, compressors and repair services. Recently Lubbock Electric has become a major player in the exciting new field of artificial lift controls, smart automation technology, saltwater disposal and pump panels.

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