Vibration Analysis

vibration-analysisLubbock Electric is an expert at vibration diagnostics and vibration solutions for industrial electric motors. LECO’s Engineers can help troubleshoot complicated vibration issues and perform field balancing and alignments. LECO can also perform in-house dynamic balancing on lint cleaner saws, brush cylinders, spiked cylinders, doffer cylinders, blast

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Thermal Imagery Survey

thermalLubbock Electric can provide a thermographic survey of your electrical system to spot problems before they occur. We can locate loose connections, overheating motors, hot bearings, faulty overloads, and hot spots in conduit. This also includes a detailed report of areas needing assistance and the probable causes.

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Hydraulic Systems Field Repair

ram-repairLubbock Electric has the capability to service hydraulic systems in the field. LECO also rebuilds and repairs hydraulic pumps, cylinders, pumping units, and many other hydraulic systems. LECO has a staff of hydraulic specialists that are experts in troubleshooting and repairing advanced hydraulic equipment.

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Compressor Field Services

compressor-field-servicesLubbock Electric has technicians that have many years experience in repairing air and natural gas compressors in the field. LECO specializes in repairing positive displacement blowers, reciprocal and rotary screw compressors. LECO can also work on  refrigerated dryers, filters, valves, etc.

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Electrical Field Services

wiring-servicesLubbock Electric has a staff of master electricians that are capable of handling almost any situation that may arise. LECO services motors in the field, electrical panels, generators, motor control centers, and many other electrical applications. 

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