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pumpjackLubbock Electric has always been a part of the Oil & Gas Industry in West Texas by furnishing the oilfield with electric motors, generators, controls, power transmission equipment, compressors and repair services. Recently Lubbock Electric has become a major player in the exciting new field of artificial lift controls, smart automation technology, saltwater disposal and pump panels. Read More

motor-rewindLubbock Electric offers complete rewinding and repair of AC, DC, three phase and single phase electric motors. From temperature-controlled burn-out of old windings through V.P.I. varnish treatment and baking, LECO adheres strictly to EASA standards. Redesign to change horsepower, speed, or voltage is offered in-house. Core-testing, surge testing, machine shop Read More

cotton-technologyLubbock Electric has been selling and engineering high quality cotton gin technology since 1944 and has always been a company that gins can depend on. LECO has a talented team of engineers and is proud to provide jobs and made in the U.S.A. equipment.  During ginning season LECO available 24-7 so that if something happens, help is only a phone call away. Read More

Lubbock Electric ... serving industry since 1944


Take everything that you have ever known about industry and imagine a future where almost everything is different, new and more difficult. That’s where you will find a world that relies less on tradition and more on new innovation. Where systems integration and high tech solutions coexist to meet the changing needs of industry, it’s a time for information systems, it’s a time for large-scale services; it is a time for Lubbock Electric.

We are not the Lubbock utility company, and we don’t just sell electric motors. We are a team of engineers, electricians, programmers, and controls system integration specialists that are solving some of the toughest challenges in West Texas. Lubbock Electric Co. has been providing a unique combination of products, services, and technical expertise to industrial customers since 1944. At LECO, our electric, hydraulic, and compressed air specialists take pride in providing customers superb, professional service. For many years, LECO has been approved to label explosion proof motors and certify us back to manufacturer safety standards. Recently, our panel shop received authorization to build and certify our enclosed electrical panels to UL-508A compliance. Should your project need panels with third-party safety certification, please know that Lubbock Electric Co. can fill the bill.